NIFT Campus Placement 2018 Brochure

NIFT is organizing Campus Placements 2018 from 23rd April, 2018 onwards, whereby companies will have an opportunity to select candidates across all NIFT centers. Students of Masters (Fashion Technology, Fashion Management, Design Space) and Bachelor programs (Fashion Design, Leather Design, Knitwear Design, Textile Design, Communication Design, Accessory Design, Apparel Production) will be offered for placement during these period.

The schedule of Campus Placements 2018 is as follows:

Sr. No. Campus Placement   Details
Masters Program Bachelors Program
1. NIFT- New Delhi 23rd &  24th April 2018 25th , 26th  & 27th April 2018
2. NIFT- Bengaluru 27th -28th April 2018 2nd & 3rd May 2018
3. NIFT- Mumbai 2nd & 3rd May 2018 30th April 2017 & 1st May 2018
4. NIFT-Chennai 4th May 2018
5. NIFT Kolkata 4th May 2018 5th May 2018
6. NIFT-Gandhinagar 4th May 2018 4th May 2018
7. NIFT-Hyderabad 5th May 2018


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